Westsail Rendezvous Hawaii 2007

Start of Rendezvous. Wednesday June 13th 2007.

The 2007 Hawaiian Westsail Rendezvous like most, was laid back and on Hawaiian time. This started out with Chris of W42 Tongaroa who had to come early because he had to work on Saturday, to make it, he single handed over from Kolina (28 miles) on Wednesday afternoon and tied up around 7:45 PM. We also found out that Bud Taplin could not make it which was too bad, as we all would have enjoyed his company and stories.

Thursday June 14th 2007.

Was very quiet and no major mishaps occurred.

Friday June 15th 2007.

Norm's W32 Imagine sailed over to "E dock" where the event was to start Friday night. (The Friday night fire works show was great!) We arranged for them to be front and center around 8:00 PM, what a great view and display of fireworks. (sorry we were wooing and auhhing to much to remember to shoot photos to include in this writeup)

Below you can see Imagine on the dock, and Puao below on Saturday morning.
Imagine on the Dock (1129K) Puao on the Dock (786K)

Saturday June 16th 2007.

Rick's W43 Puao arrived from Pearl Harbor around 6:45AM Rick had a long night and needed a bit of rest. It also seamed other Westsailors had spent some time parting, so the morning was a bit; well slow, so around 11:00 people started to show up (hey it's Hawaii). Dave of W42 Kalohi Kai showed up with Kevin of W32 Summer Solstice, not too long after Peter of W32 Pegasus, then Boris of W32 Tava'e arrived and we all looked over the boats. Around 12:00 everyone went their own way to forage for food for lunch. It was planned around 2:00 PM some of us would go out sailing. So two W32's; Odyssey and Imagine, went out and played around. Odyssey is still with her original owner who picked her up from the factory in Costa Mesa back in 1975 even seeing Bud working for some one else (wow) in any case, Odyssey was doing a bit better then Imagine with regard to speed (Imagine's captain claimed dirty bottom) which seamed to be true as her speed picked up as the sail went on, and clocked 6.6Kt over the ground on the way in from the sail.

Below you can see Odyssey in front of Waikiki. Looking good in 20Kts of wind.
Odyssey Sailing 01 (132K) Odyssey Sailing 02 (101K)

After a hard day of recovery and sailing we broke out the Hawaiian Margaritas (you have to show up if you want the recipe for one of these) we heard all kinds of good stories, and cleaned up a bit before dinner. We also did a little carving on the Hawaiian WestSail Tikki

Rick & Keven on the 43(786K) Tikki(1083K)

Then we headed off to awards and dinner. There were 16 of us this year, not bad, considering last year there were only 6. And special thanks go out to Colleen for the Westsail gear.

Dinner 02 (958K) Dinner 03 (934K) Dave and his new shirt (528K)

Above you can see Dave (We are not sure what he did, but he sure looks guilty) maybe it is that he is retiring in just a few days

And last but not least we did a how to project with rope, with a bit of line we developed the (Westsail Toggle) for the snap shackles we all have. See sequence and instruction below.

Knot 01 (86K)

You need about 18"+/- of 1/8" line and then form a "W" for Westsail with it.

Knot 02 (56K) Knot 03 (88K)

Put the two center lines together and then take the line to the starboard and bend it around and over the two center lines but under the port line. Then take the port line and run it under the two center lines.

Knot 04 (75K) Knot 05 (108K)

You will need to run the port tail up through the starboard hole and pull the whole thing a snug.

Knot 06 (115K)

Now for the pattern; the line across the top of the center two lines will come back across the top of the two lines, the one that went under will cross under the two center lines. This pattern is top, top, bottom, bottom, top, top, etc.

Knot 07 (28K)

And this is how it looks when done and snugged up.

Toggle (28K)

Sunday June 17th 2007.

The next day every one awoke late, and prepared for the sail home. In the end we had two W32's one W42 and one W43 for this second Westsail rendezvous in Hawaii, but hey, there is always next year. We also had five other Westsail owners show up without there vessels, but had some good stories to tell. Ok translation: for you mainlanders, it is as close to perfect as you are ever going to get, so come on over.

(And that was the story).